The Memory to Action Project

From Holocaust Remembrance to Social Action

The Memory to Action project was begun by a group of concerned educators, clergy, and professionals, many touched by the Nazi Holocaust, who wanted to create an event to commemorate the Holocaust. We joined together to create a meal based, participatory, commemorative event that would motivate people to engage in social action.

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Our Mission

The Memory to Action project seeks to create and establish the practice of an annual participatory event utilizing the project's guidebook to remember the Holocaust and thereby help avert future genocides. We endeavor to heighten participants' empathy to suffering of others and value human diversity, and further, to encourage participants to take personal actions, however small, leading to greater tolerance and personal safety for all. Because it is participatory, interactive and meal-based, this annual event is intended to augment public Yom Hashoah events and Holocaust museums in educating about the Holocaust and other genocides.

Our Goals

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