Memory to Action
The Event

pilot group, March 2001 The guidebook, Memory to Action: The Guidebook to Remembrance, leads participants through an event centered around a role-play and meal. This provides an intense personal context in which to learn about the Holocaust and motivate participants into social action. Intended for families and small groups in a home-like setting, the event incorporates group interaction, symbolic foods and rituals, role-play, commemorative prayers, and discussion over a shared meal. Commemorating genocides with an activist meal communicates hope and strength-the antithesis of desperation and powerlessness. The guidebook is loosely modeled after the Passover Haggadah. It thus follows the long tradition of Jewish families and small groups commemorating major events within the context of an intimate meal.

The guidebook is now ready for distribution in the United States. International versions of the guidebook are planned as well. Memory to Action: The Guidebook to Remembrance has been revised based on input from many pilot groups and observers. Memory to Action intends for it to be a dynamic, interactive document, one that reflects the interests of those who use it and that will change over time by adding numerous re-enactments of other Holocaust events.

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